LPBC started their defence of the Rowland Cup last night away at Fareham, this is where the word Teamwork came to the fore.

2 rinks won and 2 rinks lost, but every point counted in this match.

Rink 2 were never behind and didn’t really looked threatened, running out easy winners 

Rink 3 also were never behind and restricted the home team to scoring on only 5 ends again more than comfortable winners

Rink 4 was a far closer affair and after 8 ends it was 7-9 the ends were shared over the remainder of the match, but when Fareham scored they got 2’s and 3’s to Leigh Parks singles, this was probably their undoing and ended up coming second

Rink 5 lost a 5 on the first end, then a 2 then a 3 and the visions of Waverley last Friday night came flooding back, LP only scored on 6 ends and the highest was a 2, the home team though controlled totally and scored consistently. No surprise with the final score, but as was said at the beginning it was a team game and all scores add up to the aggregate.

Final Scores

Rink 2 33 – 15

Rink 3 36 – 9

Rink 4 14 – 22

Rink 5 8 – 33

Total 91 – 79

Leigh Park are through to the next round thanks to 2 winning rinks, but also every other point that was scored as part of the team total

Up The Park


Leigh Park go through to the next round thanks to the winning rinks and every other point that was won.