Top Club Result LPBC v Portsmouth Water Company

LPBC men played their away match at PWC yesterday on a rough looking green, but in the end they mastered the conditions.

Rink 1 was the Pairs

The first 8 ends was very even with the LPBC leading 8 – 7, after that LP turned up the heat and scored 17 over the next 9 ends with very little reply, the last 4 ends were all taken by the home team, but by then victory was complete.

Rink 3 was the 4 wood singles which turned out to be a comfortable win 21 – 4 after only 14 ends

Rink 5 was the 2 wood singles.

The game was conceded on this rink after 20 ends with the score 15-10 on what was a a difficult rink to read

Rink 2 was the 4’s

The home side started the brighter and after four winning ends they had scored 10 without response so it appeared an uphill battle was needed if a victory was to be had.  over ends 5 through 9 LP won them all and scored 10 to bring it back even. the ends went back and forth with both teams scoring evenly, after the 20th end it was all square at 20-20, the 21st end saw the jack taken back towards the ditch and LP were holding 3 shots when the skip asked number 3 to run. the jack into the ditch, this was duly done and were then holding 4, to which at this point their skip conceded the impossible task, a tremendous sigh of relief was felt.

After Rink 2 won the match on Rink 4 ended as there was no way the home team could win, it was though a very tight game on this rink until the abrupt halt and after 10 ends it was 8 – 8, and by the 15th it was still only 9 – 13


A great result for the Park and now look forward to a home fixture in the next round

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